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Lifebound Tours will whisk you across the Mexican border and into scenic Sinaloa to begin our ten-day, canyon country adventure. We?ll enjoy four days on the train, two motorized excursions into the canyons, three secluded mountain lodges, and two bustling cites. While the rest of the country is bathed in summer heat we will experience pine-scented mountains, tropical thunder storms, and cool canyon trails.

The nomadic, cave-dwelling Tarahumara Indians are world-famous, cross-country runners. Over their rugged, native terrain they kick wooden balls while running. Meeting these mystical people who retain their ancient religion, language, and dress will be a highlight on this tour.

Join Lifebound Tours on one of the world's most exciting rail journeys from Los Mochis on the Pacific to Chihuahua in Mexico's central plateau. The dream of a railroad from Kansas City to a Pacific port, 400 miles closer than San Francisco, took shape in 1885. Eleven American companies, 65 years, and $100 million later the dream died. The Copper Canyon country of central Mexico had defeated the engineers. Then in 1953 the Mexican government picked up the pieces. Eight years later the project was completed with 86 new tunnels, one more than a mile long, and 39 new bridges, including Mexico's highest.

Our 10-day, fully-escorted Copper Canyon tour costs only $1950 from either El Paso, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; or San Diego, California; including air fare, train fare, hotels, tours and all meals. Call Rick at (760) 742-3455 or write or PO Box 700, Fallbrook CA 92088, and reserve your seat today!

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