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"My first trip with him was to Venezuela just before Mr Chavez was elected as president. We saw a lot of Venezuela in 2 weeks and not always did things go as planned.... we were late arriving at a beautiful place in the mountains... about 2 AM but had a lovely place to stay and great scenery. He always has the trip organized and has local guides in most places. One of the best things is that we go to places that most tourists haven't visited. Before we went I asked him if he had ever lost a traveler and that everyone had come back alive and all the other things that you might ask an infrequent travel guide...."
Leonora, San Diego, CA

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"I have always liked your trips very much – there’s a spontaneity to them and the people on the trip are so friendly, helpful and just plain nice. I enjoy the trips very much even though I’m beginning to feel my age and can’t go too high above sea level. I hope you are in good health and I’sm anxious to see you running through the streets of whatever. ".
-- Mary I. Burns – Riverhead, NY

"This last week, Leonora came for a several day visit. We did lots of reminiscing about our wonderful past trips that you made possible. The Chile boat trip topped them all - it was just perfect. Truly it’s hard to explain to others how great your trips are. The sense of adventure, of doing and experiencing things far beyond the normal tourist is probably what makes things so interesting. You have a tremendous ability to create the unusual off beat activities plus remarkable “coordination.” When the van pulled up just as we disembarked from our little boat on the Rio Baku that was unbelievable. "
-- Ernie and Sherry, Bishop, CA

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