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Integrated marketing

An integrated marketing approach involves internal and external campaign strategies. We develop tactical plans internally so the staff is well versed on the message of the organization. We create external strategies that incorporate the company philosophy and goals in order to maximize their benefit to their end users.

Public Relations

This is a dynamic approach designed to permeate the market segments with the goal and objectives of awareness and alliances. We understand that managing the media component is an intense component of our value. Our tools include traditional modalities such as print in a variety of formats – magazines, newspapers, newsletters and/or direct mail. In addition to new media methodologies that will include social media management, on-line versions of traditional modalities as well as radio and television, depending on the nature of the ‘push’.

Strategic Planning

It is our methodology to devise phases and levels that will coincide with the thought processes of the companies that engage our services. Our team plans the work and works the plan. The foundation of our business is built on the ‘Application of knowledge and the power it can have’.

Reputation Management

Creating a market position and your perception in the market for your buyers, your vendors and the general public is inherent in this core functionality. Whether we are coming in to perform clean up after a crisis or maintain a well-defined status – our goals are to keep your message pure and the perception untainted.

Event Marketing

A mainstay of community-based organizations, this component requires constant tending. Health Fairs, Antique Road Shows, Culinary Engagements, Competitions, Trade Shows, Awards and Festivals are intended to create ‘buzz’, enhance ‘status’, encourage ‘alliances’. Whether our clients own the event, participate or sponsor – we work to maximize the time, talent and energy utilized to achieve the most bang for the buck.

Client’s Testimonials

Virginia Shipp, Rescue Services International (Ambulance Transport) “Helped us achieve a highly lucrative contract utilizing an integrated approach.”
Christine Carter Amanda Secola is a dream to work with. Her creativity and insight have

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